Design & Drafting Process

Briefing, Concept and Schematical Design

  • Obtain client aspirations and project budget.
  • Initial conceptual ideas, possible material considerations, privacy and bushfire issues.
  • Assess site conditions and potential, obtain Land survey as required.
  • Measure up existing site and buildings, etc. (if required)
  • Establish council requirements and review documents.
  • Prepare preliminary Conceptual sketch drawings to describe the design.
  • At this stage general Schematical layout and volumes are designed with material requirements.
  • Discussions with Neighbours to ensure design has a positive impact on their lifestyle & wellbeing.

Design Development

  • Develop the design in plan, section and elevation with materials shown.
  • Assist client with engagement of other consultants such as structural engineer.
  • Co-ordinate preliminary Structural Engineering drawings.
  • Discussions with Council to ensure design complies with building and statutory regulations.
  • Layout, volume and openings are confirmed. External materials are selected.
  • At this stage the Development Application (DA) Drawings are submitted to council for approval.

Construction Documentation

  • Prepare drawings at an appropriate scale including plans, elevations and sections,
  • along with other details & schedules.
  • Prepare BASIX Certification.
  • Co-ordinate and integrate the work of consultants – Engineers to Manufacturers.
  • Prepare specifications describing the quality of materials, finishes and workmanship,
  • selection of internal materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings.
  • At this stage the Construction Documentation and Drawings are submitted to council for
  • Construction Certificate (CC) building approval.
  • Provide supplementary details and information.